HudaHakim&PartnersServes Today for Tomorrow's Needs

HudaHakim&Partners- Providing Takaful For All. Serving clients and assists on financial solutions/planning using the needs-based selling concept through wealth protection, accumulation, distribution & preservation for Life, Driving Innovation For All & Building Lifelong Partnerships.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values are as follows :-


To be the best shariah compliant financial solutions & services provider


  • To have a dynamic, innovative, constructive and progessive teamwork.
  • To create positive & healthy working culture among partners
  • To be innovative and creative in attracting, developing and retaining our clients
  • To serve our clients the best based on their current and future needs
  • To be persistent in pursuing innovative solutions for our clients from time to time


  • T - Trustworthy & Integrity
  • R - Respectful & Professional
  • U - Understanding & Committed
  • S - Strong, Passionate, Consistent & Persistent
  • T - Teamwork

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